My name is Di Sang. I am currently a Master student studying Ocean Science, with a focus on Analysis on SAR images at the University of Miami. I graduated with my Bachelor's of Atmospheric Science from Lan Zhou University in Summer 2017.

My recently work

I'm now studying remote sensing in RSMAS in University of Miami. My research topic is Analysis of Atmospheric convection signatures in Sentinel-1 SAR image. I am working with professor Roland Romeiser doing image processing on Sentinel-1 SAR image around Alaska area to have a better understanding of the relationship between characteristcs in the SAR image and Atmospheric boundary rolls and other atmospheric signatures.

Previous work

My thesis in my undergraduate's study is Large eddy simulation of Thermal and Sheared Boundary-Layer Convection. Atmospheric turbulence is commonly found in the atmospheric boundary layer. The atmospheric turbulence can further reveal the transmission law of the energy of the atmosphere. In the paper, we use the radiosonde data and the surface heat flux with time on June 3, which are simulated by the field observation experiment of land-air interaction in northwestern arid region in Dunhuang in 2000, and simulated by large eddy model The boundary layer of the thermal boundary layer and the structural characteristics of the convective boundary layer convection, and analyzes the difference between the structure and the intensity of the boundary layer driven by different factors. The results show that: The thermodynamic factors mainly affect the turbulence in the vertical direction, strengthen the material in the vertical direction, and increase the convection of boundary layer. 

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